Make Sure Our Email Is Delivered, and Arrives at your In Box!

Occasionally, our confirmation & welcome email which contains your new login information, gets blocked by some email clients. If we can not deliver these emails to you, it will not be possible for you to use our system.

Before you submit the sign up form to us, please make sure that our emails are able to be delivered to your in box.

The emails we send you, come from:

You may want to make sure that address is white listed, or put in your "allowed" list, to make sure that your email client does not block our message.

This problem is primarily caused by services such as AOL or other paid email clients (email addresses provided by your internet company).

The best advice we can give to be sure our welcome emails get to you, is for you to open a new free email address with a reputable provider such as Gmail (from Google), before you sign up with us. Doing this is the best way to guarantee you receive our messages.

We can not re-send welcome emails if they are not delivered first time around. It is your responsibility to ensure your email client accepts our address. If you do not receive our welcome email, please follow the advice above and re-submit the sign up form again.

Kindest Regards,